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Here are few pieces of information about me. My name is Pawel Wiecek (there should be an ogonek under e in my last name). After studying Computer Science at the Department of Compter Science and Management of Wroclaw University of Technology and going through several jobs I became a Software Developer in Siemens Poland, where I work now. I also have my own small firm.

I was born on April 26, 1975 (I guess this means I'm a Taurus, but I don't care about it, 'cause I don't believe in horrorscopes) in Wroclaw, and that's also where I live (in the same flat since I was born!) on Gaj (Herdain if you prefer German names), one of the bigger districts of Wroclaw. I am a graduate of XIV LO im. Polonii Belgijskiej (14th High School), the best school in Poland, and probably in the World (I guess I'm not overdoing?).

My hobbies are computers and good (in my opinion, of course) music. Speaking about computers, I like programming from a long time, and surfing the Net from a little shorter while. I specially like WWW, particularly creating it. I love all Unices (particularily Linux) and hate all Microsoft's products. You can read more about the things I like and dislike here.

How can you contact me? Well, there are few methods:
- You may e-mail me at coven@vmh.net. It's the preferred way.
- You may phone me at +48(603)240006 (at virtually any time, but please not at night or so!). This will cost a bit, of course.
- You may send me an ordinary letter to my home address, but then you have to contact me in some other way to find out what my snail-mail address is...

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