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Welcome on my homepage. I hope you will like the stuff I put here (see below). Anyway, please spend some time on rating it. You may do it using the form which is available here. You can also send some comments there. This will let me make my homepage even better.

Linux & BOFH T-shirts! (Polish only)

Personal Coven
Everything about me - who am I, what do I like, how do I look, where can you find me...
You should check this if you want to get to know something about me.

Music Coven
The music I like - along with homepages of some of my favourite artists. Also various musical resources I like.

Funny Coven
Lots of funny stuff - jokes from my collection, funny stories, funny pictures, and more...
You should check this if you want to have a good fun.

Linker Coven
All kinds of interesting links - interesting places, interesting Usenet groups, nice private homepages... You can also add your favourite links or use searchers.

Technical Coven
Various technical information - what to beware on WWW pages, what should be put there, info on browsers and other programs, Polish Internet...
You will also find here NsInfo - my famous DNS browser.

City Transportation
My famous page - all the buses and trams in Wroclaw, timetables, ticket prices, maps, and much more... (in Polish only)

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