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On these pages I've put lots of technical information - concerning various subjects - how should (and how shouldn't) look WWW pages, Web browsers and other programs (eg. email)... It would be nice if you read all this stuff - maybe you'll learn something useful... Of course some stuff here are my personal opinions...

NsInfo - DNS browser
Very convenient, interactive Name Server information browser - for WWW. Internet structure from Wroclaw, Poland and description making it easier to understand them.

Pocket Linux
Information about my single-floppy Linux distribution.

WWW Servers Statistics
WWW server statistics for my servers - most popular documents, most active readers, etc...

Creating Web documents
Lots of tips for people who create their own web pages.

Using Web browser
Some tips for effective using of various web browsers.

Some words about programs I like
Basically to show you they're great - so you'd try them too.

Miscellaneous technical stuff
Other technical stuff, also very interesting.

Free network resources
You can also get free account or Web page in the USA. How? Read...

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