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MultiBrowser Compatibility
Or MBC for short is a set of rules prepared by me you should use to create Web pages that will look great on every browser (they definitely should).

Polish letters and multiple languages - technical information
Technical descriptions of various techniques of preparing web documents in multiple languages or charsets I use. Useful for creators.

About Counters
What do I think about counters, so popular on the Web, and why.

Various small pictures for use on Web pages. And I don't mean colour balls and other bullets...

How does correct URL look like
Most common errors in Web addresses (URLs) and why are they harmful. Remember that not everything that works is correct...

About Polish Letters
Few words about Polish letters in the Internet (especially on Web pages). Both for creators and users.

Tools I use
List of programs I use for creating my Web pages, along with short (and sometimes longer) descriptions.

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