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Links, links, links! I filled these pages with lots of links to pages I like, or which I consider important. Also, you may find here some links to services thet let you find the information you want in the endless Net. Also, you may add your own favourite links, so others (including me) could use them.

Add your own link
You will find here a form, that will let you add your favourite links, or links you think may interest someone...

Links that others have added
And here you may browse the links others have added, and I didn't move somewhere else...

Cool private homepages
Private homepages of varios people I liked. Also, homepages of my friends.

Usenet groups
Interesting Usenet newsgroups...

Searching the Net
Looking for something? What about using some searcher? Indices, searchers, Archie...

About Wroclaw
Various links connected with Wroclaw - universities, schools, culture, city transportation...

Various pictures - static, as well as moving - especially erotica...

Various interesting musical resources. Artists homepages, lyrics and tablatures databases...

Humor on the net.

Pages about tennis and tennis players...

All links that didn't fit to any of the other categories...

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