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The Coven
My own page - part of which you are currently browsing... You'll surely agree it's worthy (I hope so). If you don't know it so far, it's filled with lot's of cool stuff - including music, humor, lots of links, technical information...

John MacKanacKy's Crazy Zone
John's page has a really nice design, and also contains quite a lot of cool stuff - Anti Microsoft Zone, links for programmers... Also, some things I'm not interested at all - lots of stuff about RPG, Monthy Python...

Atunia was elected Miss of Polish IRC - and I fully agree with the verdict! You may see it for yourself if you check up this page. You'll find there a bunch of info about Atunia, plus few photos...

Home page of Democrac - with hits like "Piwnica G" or a story about a Penguin.

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