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Beavis & Butthead homepage
Huh... huh... huh... Cool! That's what I can say about these pages. Pictures, movies, sounds, and everything else connected with Beavis & Butthead.

20001 first digits of Pi... Mail a letter with subject pi, and you'll get them as a reply.

Computerized schedule of trains
Computerized schedule of Polish trains - on the Net. Very convenient search for connections (including changes).

Virtual Sinclair
Everything about Sinclair's computers - ZX Spectrum, ZX 81, Sinclair QL... Emulators, programs, documentation, links to other pages...

Amateur Golfer
Rich selection of golf info, mainly for beginners. Rules, history, accessories, golf in Poland... (in Polish)

Genuine e-mail address catalog and searcher. You gotta check if you're there (you may be surprised...)

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